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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How to Style!

Lorraine Paton Blog

Do you absolutely LOVE vintage or retro styling but you're just not sure where to start or how to figure out what's what?  Well we've got the perfect cheat sheet for you!
Boho – boho or bohemian clothing is off beat, quirky, care free, relaxed hippy style.  Set your mind to Woodstock!
Rockabilly – clothing that stems from the early 1950s rock and roll music scene – cherries, skulls, nautical, red, black, navy, white and more!
Punk – think Vivienne Westwood!  Think tartan, wool, ripped tees, safety pins and mohicans! Not for the faint-hearted!

Kitsch – design considered to be of excessive garishness but often appreciated in an ironic or knowing way

Psychedelic – typically 1960s and linked to LSD, these bright bold garish designs relate to hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness

Mod – young 1960s subculture, characterised by a sleek, smart appearance, motor scooters and soul music




Think tartan/plaid; polka dots, florals, nautical prints




Key vintage looks:-

1920s – feathers, sequins, dropped waists, rolled down stockings

1930s – bias cut, velvet and satin, gowns, flutter sleeves, thin belts

1940s – tailoring, austerity, hats, tea dresses, ditsy floral prints

1950s – circle skirts, capri jeans, petticoats, wiggle dresses, mules

1960s – mini skirts, capes, beehives, go-go boots, tunics, crimplene



Above all  - have fun with it!!  and remember if you feel good - your confidence will shine through!!  ~xxx~

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